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Kid's Ticket 11:00-12:30 Option 3

 L K

 Event Hosting, Catering and Meal Prep


Join us this Mother's Day for a delicious plant-based brunch in a beautiful private garden. This will be an experience to remember! Get your tickets today!!! Visit our 'Events' page for more info.

The Lovely Vegan Kitchen began in spring of 2013 as Louisville Vegan Kitchen in Louisville, Kentucky. LVK is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia and is still a plant-based food service company that creates healthy, delicious, and nutritious food. LVK combines herbs and spices with fresh produce to create unique dishes that cross culinary boundaries, delight many pallets and promote longevity. 

LVK offers services such as: catering, vending, private chef services and unique events such as FoodsULuv Buffet. 

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